Greenwich Shingle

Caroline Wharton, Deborah Berke Partners - Interior Design

Wesley Stout Associates - Landscape Architect

Mayfair Construction - Builder

The house is located in Conyers Farm, a residential development, known for its’ grand estates and polo fields. Although the site is just over 10 acres, due to wetlands and conservation areas only 3 acres adjacent to Upper Cross Road could be developed for the house. These restrictions, along with building setbacks led to the linear planning of the house. To maintain a larger back yard, the garage wing was ‘cranked’ towards the street. The bent wing hinged at the three-story turret, reinforces the rambling character and suggests a sense of enclosure around the entry drive court.

Designed in the tradition of late nineteenth-century American country houses. The house has a variety of living spaces, each distinct in shape and orientation. Porches with Greek Doric columns, relaxed plan, juxtaposed masses and shingle-style exterior details all contribute to the elegant “country house” character.